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Events & Festival

Throughout the year, Maehongson holds many festivals and events. Tourists can observe the distinction cultures from these events. There are different dancing, rituals, and ceremonies for events and festivals. Even the foods are different for each event.

Poi Sang Long Procession

[The most remarkable tradition and also the most important event for the Shans is "Poy Sanglong Festival" which is the ordination ceremony for the Shans' boys. The event is held in March and there is one big celebration throughout the city.]

This is in fact the celebration of novice ordination ceremony of Shan [Tai] people regarded as a highly meritous occasion. Traditionally, the candidate-novice, his head is cleanly shaven and wrapped with head-cloth in the Shan style, will don a prince like garment put on valuable ornaments, and ride a horse or carried over the shoulder of a man to the city shrine. Then he will visit abbots of various Wats [Temples] to beg for forgiveness.

On the ordination eve, a procession of offerings and other necessary personal belongings will be paraded through the town streets and then placed at the monastery where the ordination takes place the following day. It is usually held during March - April. Today this colorful procession has become a major festival.

Chong Para Procession

The Chong Para in the Shan dialect means a castle made of wood, covered with colorful perforated papers and decorated with fruits, flags and lamps. It is placed in the courtyard of a house or a monastery as a gesture to welcome the Lord Buddha on his return from giving sermons to his mother in heaven, according to tradional belief. The rite is held during the post Rain Retreat season from the full moon day of the 11th lunar month or October.

Other activities to celebrate the occasion include dance which performers are dressed in animal likes. This is based on the belief that during those long-gone day, both human and the animal kingdom were equally joyful of the return of the Lord Buddha and therefore joined in a jubilant performance as tribute to the Enlightened One.

Bua Tong Blossom Festival

The Dok Bua Tong (maybe classified as wild sunflowers) blooms during November painting the entire hilly area of Doi Mae U Kor in brilliant yellow draw flocks of visitors. And camping sites arranged during the Bua Tong festival.

Each year in November, the hillsides are fill with golden color of Bua Tong blooms and almost as large as sunflower, Bua Tong only blossoms for a month. This is enough reason to hold Bua Tong Blossom Festival at Khun Yuam district every year in November.

Finally, the golden blossoms become part of the scene. Bua Tong a symbol of Mae Hong Son is still preserved on the hillsides.

It is 100 kilometers from town and it take about 2 hours.