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By Air

From Bangkok Thai Airways, Bangkok Airways offers daily flights from Bangkok [Suvarnabhumi] to Chiang Mai. Nok Air and Air Asia offers daily flights from Bangkok [Don Muang] to Chiang Mai.

From Chiang Mai Connect flight to Mae Hong Son by Kan Airlines. The flight takes 35 minutes. And also has service directly from Chiang Mai to Pai by Kan Airlines only. The flight takes about 25 minutes. The sightseeing experience of flying at 9000 feet over the mountains.

By Bus

From Bangkok There is an overnight bus to Bangkok's Northern Bus Terminal (Moh Chit) which takes about 14 hours. Sombat Tour, operates an air-conditioned bus which runs directly from Bangkok to Mae Hong Son daily. The bus departs from Chatuchak (Mochit 2) Bus Terminal with a fare of 718 baht.

From Chiang Mai Regular bus services connect Mae Hong Son with Chiang Mai (Arcade bus terminal) and the entire trip will take at least 7-8 hours. There are 2 bus routes to Mae Hong Son daily. The northern route through Pai is very winding and offers spectacular views. The southern route through Mae Sa Riang is more comfortable with the larger seats.

A better option is by train overnight, you can travel from Bangkok to Chiang Mai by train and then continue to Mae Hong Son. You have more choice from Chiang Mai such as by van with tour program, by flight or by bus. Most the tourist have to contact the travel agency to arrange multiple days program to visit around and on the way to Mae Hong Son. That's a good idea.

Timetable from Bangkok

Air Conditioned Bus 03.00 p.m. 07.00 a.m. 718 Baht
VIP 32 Seats 05.00 p.m. 08.00 a.m. 838 Baht
Air Conditioned Bus 18.00 p.m. 09.30 a.m. 718 Baht

Timetable from Chiang Mai Route 1095 [Pai]

Van 6.30 - 13.30 [Every hour]
Ordinary Bus 7.00 / 9.00 / 12.30
Van [Pai] 6.30 - 16.30 [Every hour]
Ordinary Bus [Pai] 10.30 / 14.00 / 15.00

Timetable from Chiang Mai Route 108 [Mae Sariang]

Airconditioned Bus 11.00 / 21.00
Ordinary Bus 6.30 / 9.00 , 20.00 / 21.00

By Car

Thailand's most north-western province is a crossroads for ethnic minorities Shan and Burmese immigrants. [Mostly Karen, Hmong, Lisu and Lahu] Travelling by car will be more challenging and exciting for professional drivers [only], who enjoys the ride of adventures on the long winding road. You can be stop some of the attractions along the way.

Mae Hong Son is located 924 kilometres from Bangkok. Drive from Bangkok to Chiang Mai and then choose the following routes to Mae Hong Son

Southern Route [Highway No.108 via Mae Sa Riang] Chiang Mai - Hod - Mae Sa Riang - Khun Yuam - Mae Hong Son

Along highway No.108 leave from Chiangmai by southern route through Hang ong, Sa Patong, Chom Thong, Hod across Maehongson's border to Mae Sariang, Mae La Noi, Khun Yuam to Maehongson.The total distances is 360 kms. The winding road along the slope hill that take about 8 hours.

Northern Route [Highway No.1095 via Pai] Chiang Mai - Pai - Pang Ma Pha [ Soppong ] - Mae Hong Son

Go on the highway No.107 first, ahead to Mae Rim til Ban Mae Malai. And then turn left to Pai on highway No.1095 and start to sing a song "The Long and winding road" through Pang Mha Pha until Mae Hong Son. The total distances is 245 kms., take about 6 hrs.