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Trekking with us

Mae Hong Son is the best one for trekking trip. This area is an opportunity to startup and learn how to walk with survival in the jungle. The trekking trail have variety alternative trip to case study before you go to Himalayan or highest mountains around the world. They should to select 5 mountains on top 20 highest in the Southeast Asia to begin such as MT Kinabalu Park or MT Inthanon Park etc., and Mae Hong Son is the first choice.

The trip can be arrange easily trip until to hard trek. We offers you start the basic trekking trail or upgrade level and add more day to enjoy trekking through beautiful scenery on the mountainous and the forest are different. And you also select trekking with the travel agency who can arrange your own trip. Or trekking with local tourist guide who are specialist and skillful.

Trekking 1 day

1 day trek easy walk for exercise

Duration:   5 - 7 hours

Season:   June - February

Leisure day activity to warm up and exercise for beginner trekking level. There are 4 route in popular and approximately 3-4 hours trekking a day with picnic lunch and a bamboo cup of coffee.

Trekking 2 days

Absolutely greenPromotion offer discount 10%*

Duration:   2 days 1 night

Season:   June - February

During season the evergreen forest are fresh and absolutely green. Trekking along the green season until finish the winter season. Visit the karen hill tribe village, enjoy local food and stay overnight with homestay.

Eyes in the sky

Duration:   2 days 1 night

Season:   June - February

4wd off road to learn about Karen culture with homestay and take a photo with the mountainous on Doi Pui 360 panorama view. Enjoy trekking with natural and nice scenery.

Trekking 3 days

Homestay and camping

Duration:   3 days 2 nights

Season:   June - February

1 night with homestay Karen community and camping in the deep jungle. Learning how to survive in jungle. For August and September If someday it's raining we can change direction to next village.

Trekking 4 days

Little House in the Big Woods

Duration:   4 days 3 nights

Season:   November - February

Up and Down trail with Karen community 3 small village. Going up to the top and going down to the stream. Learn how do they live in the jungle. This trip highlight is the last village where location by the river.